Shop Around

It doesn’t have to be Battered, beaten or bad to get a deal. It just takes a little time with your best friend google. In this case about 10 minutes to save 30%. Oh yeah and 2 minutes to save 75%!

1st the 75%

My laptop, I use the term loosely as the battery wouldn’t charge, was in need of replacement or so I thought. All that was wrong with this laptop was that it is a couple of years old and the previously mentioned battery issue. Cheapest option on a new laptop was a netbook for $250.00 plus tax and shipping. Yes it came with all sorts of new features and an enormous hard drive ( I can get an SD card with as much memory as my laptop hard drive ) but do I need any of it, no!

What do I do with my laptop? Check email, edit the occasional document, blog, write journals and watch the occasional DVD movie. Oh wait and the netbook wouldn’t even let me do that. $290.00 for a new netbook that won’t really do everything I want, or $75 for a new battery for the laptop that does everything I want and more. I will take the 75% savings thank you very much!

Now on to saving 30% on the battery. I assumed a new battery to be somewhere around $110 – $150, always check your assumptions. I only found one battery for my laptop model listed at over $100. $104.99 to be exact. I paid $54.05. With a simple google search and checking about a dozen links I found these guys . It may have been possible to save more but at a certain point your run into the law of diminishing returns. More a shout out to my brother than a great example of diminishing returns but….:-)



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