Just a quick blog today dealing with one on my favourite money saving activities, saving money on hotel rooms!

We pay a huge price for convenience $5 for a .50 cent morning coffee, $100s for basic car repairs each year we could do ourselves and of course hotel rooms because we don’t want to put in the effort. I am about to commit that cardinal sin by booking a hotel room not on points, not a vrbo.com rental and without a coupon.
But I’m still not paying retail! My favourite hotel discounter skoosh.com failed me on options and i may be too lazy to put in a priceline.com. In to the breach steps http://travel.travelocity.ca. Where the normally reliable skoosh.com couldn’t get me sub 100 hundred Travelocity got me several options under $100 with the lowest acceptable hotel being $69.

This is where just thinking about your money on a regular basis can save you money. I thought I was ready to end this post at the last para but realize if Priceline or Kayak can save me another $20, why do I want to give that money away?

I will make a Priceline offer and check kayak and post the results later.

Any suggestions for downtown Toronto accomodations gratefully accepted.


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