You can Bargain at a Chain Store

A big fail that will be part of a big win.

How can I count going through $200.00 in 4 hours with $60 going on dinner, $30 on booze and $45.00 on an unexpected theatre ticket as a win. Because it is all part of the plan.

Since the last blog I have traveled from the west coast to the eastern portion of Canada and my flight did arrive on time. The $200 blowout was all part of the plan for this trip and we had some awesome money wins along the way.

1st money win was Lunch Friday afternoon at McDonald’s of all places. I limited lunch to chicken fajita, no French fries and just water to drink. Less money and no addition to the waistline it’s a win.

2nd money victory came in our search for a camera. The $10 bargain camera I found turned out to be a $10 fleeing but I will be returning it to the store. We tried Canadian Tire but nothing decent sub $100.00, same with Best Buy though one model came close. If you have been following along you know I said you can’t bargain as easily at a chain store but sometimes you can.

We find ourselves in Future Shop with very limited sub $100 choices and nothing in the sub $50 range we really want. Brother says to the lady “do you have any cheap cameras”? “How cheap?” He says “$50 or less” and the women literally walks away in disgust! Fortunately the lady beside her, we assume the department manger, she looks at another worker and says, “Do we have any open box stuff?” OHHHH that sounds good! Male colleague says “yeah we have a Vazinga” She says “go grab it and these guys will take it for $50!” I guess you can negotiate at the chain stores in the right circumstances.

Other money wins on Saturday no wine at lunch saving $6, same $6 saved at dinner the night before


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