Saving Money on Holiday Transportation


We have several options for getting off the Island where we live to Vancouver on the mainland. The typical option is to drive your car on to the ferry to the tune of $92 each way for a family of 4. This is about the middle of the spectrum.

On the least expensive end we have walking on to the ferry for $12 per person and $5 a head to use public transit to get into downtown Vancouver. On the high-end you could take an Air Canada flight and then a taxi to your hotel in downtown Vancouver.

We chose the middle road. We were driven to the ferry and then spend $48 to get coach line tickets into downtown Vancouver. Yes it is nearly as much as it is to get on the ferry but we saved all the aggravation and associated cost of using our own vehicle. The burdens of vehicle ownership were even greater due to the numerous road closures during the Olympics

Total Savings – Several hundred dollars off a plane trip but no significant saving from taking a vehicle

Grade for the day: B


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