Saving Money on Food While Travelling

Eating well on the road while saving money is as easy as following my 3 easy rules for eating well at home.

1. Eat early
2. Eat often
3. Carry it with you.

Fortunately these 3 rules are very often, especially on holidays, superseded by my 3 rules of where to spend more than you think you need to.

1. Food – You eat at least 3 times a day (6 if you’re eating healthy) you might as well enjoy it.
2. Shoes – You spend a huge portion of your day walking you might as well be comfortable.
3. Mattress – You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping and how well you sleep is a big factor in how much you enjoy the 2/3 or life where you are not sleeping.

Our Olympic food journey.

Following Rule 1 and Rule 1 we had the buffet on BC ferries. In this case was it not only a great way to start o trip for a good meal but it guaranteed us seats for the trip as the ferries were way overbooked. Plus the kids love “the feast” as they have come to call it.

$54 for the 4 of us. Expensive as breakfast goes yet excellent value as spreads this well go.

I don’t even remember what we did for lunch I think we gave in to the McDonald’s monster for around $30. As my younger brother would say, epic fail.

Dinner was a budget blow out that could and should have been far more contained even with rule 1. I’m all for three bill meals in good restaurants but $150.00 with tip in a Moxie’s is a terrible example of going overboard just because you can. It doesn’t help the wallet any that Girls no longer order off the kids’ menu and have a thing for steak. Skipping the grown up desserts and wobbly pops would have made this bill more manageable

Breakfast the next day was a very reasonable at home breakfast in the fully outfitted kitchen of our 2 bedroom suite rented for $200.00 and booked only 72 hours in advance before the final night of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Lunch was an expensive event because you can’t bring outside food or drink into the Olympic celebration zones, though I did unintentionally get around this.

Dinner was another disaster on the planning front. A Mad dash to be at the front line of the ferries and secure seats. I left the family in the seats while I made a mad dash to the snack bar. Unfortunately the girls didn’t like anything about the sandwiches bought so we ate the fruit and other snacks we had pac ked with us. The lack of sustenance precipitated another McDonald’s stop on the way home. Two McDonald’s stops and another fast food lunch in 2 days is not a record I am proud of.

Total money saved on food – $70

Could have saved an additional $70 with proper planning.

Grade for the Day C+


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